In 1898 Bob Fegan and his son Jack became federal licensed grain inspectors and the business of Kankakee Grain Inspection was started.



Until 1916 no formal grading system existed within the United States . Each state had their own system. What might have been considered grade 3 in Illinois might have been considered grade 2 in Missouri . Until 1916, the only requirement for No. 1 corn was that it was sound and sweet. No. 2 corn was sound and sweet but not as good as No. 1. No 3 was also sound and sweet but not as good as No. 2.



The federal corn grades not only created a standard system but the human element of error was eliminated.



Since that time much has changed in regards to technology. Kankakee Grain Inspection continues to meet the growing demands of the industry and our valued customers.






Bradford M. Fegan, President 

Brian Lowey, Secretary/Treasurer 

Jill A. Lowey, Vice President 

Kimberly Fegan, Vice President 

Roger A. Fegan, Vice President



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